Product Details


Moon Wall Lamp Chrome/Black 1L is one of the elements that make up collection , Mantra given by the manufacturer. Furthermore, this collection consists of a hanging lamps sconces ,panels semiplafones floor lamps and desk lamps .

About the collection: 

The designer combining and playing with circular, oval drilled along to remind us, simply, to the moon, created for Mantra. Harmonious acrylic overlay different layers topped with simple drafts of various sizes make a nice collection of lighting that creates atmosphere itself while decorating. His acrylics (nonstick) combine with bright chrome, generating an extensive proposal lamps and auxiliary parts that discreetly house the effective low-energy light (power 13w./incluida) approved and tested under EC directives.

Philosophy Mantra: 

'... Feel the Light ' is the phrase that comes our dresses and image since the birth of Mantra.
'... Feel the light transmits the' philosophy ' that we intend to inspire the way we do.
The elements of the collections also illuminating, offering simplicity and beauty, without becoming ostentatious or vulgar.

lamps and auxiliary debugging feature lines and certain personality, giving a subtle differentiator.
is why we rely on the good work... the professional work of our designers and our criteria when creating and selecting lighting objects that provide personality, character and turn shine efficiently and effectively their space in a way special.

.... Feel the light, feel Mantra